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ENLIGHT Research & Innovation Support group meeting

On 5th and 6th of October, the ENLIGHT Research & Innovation Support group met in Bordeaux under a beautiful sun. Two days to exchange on our Universities practices about EU grants writing services and digital tools but also to brainstorm about the future production of a toolkit for researchers to help initiate joint research projects within ENLIGHT.

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Making pharmacy more sustainable

Greener pharmacy is advocated in an article published in Science by a group of researchers, including the researcher Gorka Orive of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country. They argue that although conflicts of interest may be unavoidable, it is possible to limit the negative consequences of pharmaceuticals while allowing society to benefit from them. 

In the article published in the prestigious scientific journal Science, a group of international researchers, including Gorka Orive, Doctor of Pharmacy and researcher in the UPV/EHU’s NanoBioCel group, and Unax Lertxundi of the Bioaraba Institute for Health Research, have issued a warning about the increase in pharmaceutical contamination. “Despite mounting evidence of its potentially widespread effects, pharmaceutical contamination has not received the attention it deserves,” say the researchers. “Although there are signs that this could be changing, there is still a long way to go.”

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Call for participation in the 3rd edition of Challenge-based Education training

ENLIGHT promotes innovative teaching and learning approaches, one of them being the Challenge-Based Education (CBE) methodology and this is a call for participants in the 3rd edition of the CBE training sessions for educators.

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Making Challenge-based Education accessible to all

ENLIGHT’s educational taskforce has recently launched a series of articles on the theme Challenge-based Education (CBE) for the website’s “For Educators” section. The articles provide readers an opportunity for self-paced learning via text, video, and interactive elements.

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Teaching and Learning Conference - programme

Every year, the European University ENLIGHT organises an Teaching and Learning Conference. Teachers, program administrators, educational developers, students and other stakeholders come together to share their know-how on innovative student-centered and research-oriented learning approaches and other aspects of teaching.

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Networking Skills for Early Career Researchers - 25th October 2022

This event, held online from 12:00 to 14:00 CET on Oct. 25th, is brought to you by the ENLIGHT team working on the PROMOTION OF EARLY CAREER DEVELOPMENT & IMPROVE RESEARCHER ASSESSMENT section of the ENLIGHT-RISE project.

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ENLIGHT Student Network launches Sustainable Best Practice guide

The ENLIGHT Student Network is proud to launch a guide of sustainable best practices across our nine ENLIGHT universities.

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University of Tartu Asia Centre invites ENLIGHT community to conference "Open and closed societies: historical reasons and modern consequences of inequality in Japan and Europe"

In the contemporary world several problems of inequalities are constantly growing and have surpassed the state borders – our mutual aim should be to find solutions to them in the united debate and discussion of scholars and students.

As reducing inequalities is one of the key focuses of the ENLIGHT network, all community members are welcome to join the international conference “Open and closed societies: historical reasons and modern consequences of inequality in Japan and Europe” on 13 and 14 October (Jakobi 5, Tartu). The conference is held by University of Tartu Asia Centre. Scholars from Japan, Estonia and other European countries discuss different topics about the inequalities in the Japanese and European societies in the context of the educational system and labour market. It is possible to join the conference virtually.

Both conference days have presentations, PhD students’ panels and workshops for the students.
For further information and registration, please visit the web page. Please register here (deadline October 10th).

Launching University of Galway

A new chapter in the history of Galway was opened on Thursday, September 1st, 2022 when National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) was renamed and rebranded University of Galway.

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ENLIGHT online language courses for students and staff

Take a virtual language course together with ENLIGHT students and colleagues! Several partners are opening up virtual language courses for students and staff of the different partner universities.

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The first ENLIGHT interdisciplinary course Designing Research on Different Dimensions of Equity

From 12 to 16 September 2022, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University hosted the first ENLIGHT interdisciplinary course Designing Research on Different Dimensions of Equity.

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Uppsala alumnus Svante Pääbo wins Nobel Prize in medicine

Svante Pääbo, who received his doctorate from Uppsala University in 1986, has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for his discoveries concerning the genome of extinct hominins and human evolution”.

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