Summer Schools Groningen

ENLIGHT is a European University alliance formed by ten comprehensive, research-intensive universities from ten European countries (Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland), training over 300,000 learners per year.

Our goal is to create an open space for learning to gain access to the best courses and teaching offer in all disciplines across our ten ENLIGHT universities. 

Interconnected Campus

You will be able to benefit from a variety of international learning opportunities and combine virtual and physical learning experiences to tailor your own curriculum along a stepping-stone path.

We are working hard on our interconnected campus and on the tools to enable inclusive, seamless and green mobilty. 

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While constructing our interconnected campus all ENLIGHT partners have high-quality courses on offer. 

In addition to the integrated learning offer, ENLIGHT is developing new challenge-based courses to empower students and learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to become globally engaged European citizens. During these courses you will work closely with international peers around real-world problems and acquire first-hand experience of developments from ENLIHGHT top-academics about the most complex societal issues facing Europe and the World today, such as climate change, social inequalities, threats to health and well-being, renewable energy supply, and the digital revolution.

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ENLIGHT students can also apply for Erasmus+ exchange studies at one of the partner institutions. Please contact the mobility office at your own institution!

Joint and Double Degree programmes

Within the ENLIGHT there are currently 16 international joint or double degree programmes which involve two or more ENLIGHT partner institutions.

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