Research & Innovation


ENLIGHT RISE (Research and Innovation agenda with and for Society) seeks to strengthen the research and innovation dimension of our network. In synergy with ENLIGHT’s educational components and surrounding ecosystems, it will deploy a comprehensive joint transformation agenda for our universities. The project has been awarded funding in the Horizon 2020 "Science with & for Society" SwafS call for European Universities.

The objective is to become more competitive and innovative together, leveraging and synergising our respective strengths and capitalising on our innovation potential as well as the partnerships in our surrounding ecosystems to promote a greener, healthier, more equitable and sustainable Europe.

Within the RISE project, we focus on supporting the research community in the ENLIGHT network. This includes support for identification of synergies among ENLIGHT partners, preparation of joint research and innovation proposals and early career development. Next to development of digital research infrastructures and promotion of open science, we support our researchers and joint research projects with additional tools, e. g. Research & Innovation Observatory, Toolkit for Researchers. We promote an impact-based culture within ENLIGHT universities and with our awards, we show our appreciation for outstanding projects within our research community.

One of our main objectives is to foster genuine engagement of civil society actors in ENLIGHT research and innovation activities. Among others, we aim to foster a dialogue with all the stakeholders involved – policy makers, HR and research support staff, evaluators, researchers, e. g. about the evaluation of early career development or research assessment. Our goal is also to develop our regions’ innovation districts by creating the ENLIGHT RISE Innovation Network (ERIN) of academy-industry collaborations.