Doctoral Network

The ENLIGHT Doctoral Network provides opportunities for young researchers from all ENLIGHT universities: online trainings, blended courses, summer schools, and doctoral seminars, focused on the ENLIGHT flagship areas. PhD seminars are transdisciplinary and organised in collaborative settings. In the Doctoral Network we also care about the future of young researchers and provide training for their future career.

This page aggregates ENLIGHT opportunities for young researchers. Information about application processes can be found under every offer individually. For more information, contact the ENLIGHT local coordinators.


ENLIGHT PhD-Summer School on “EU border regime(s) and the shrinking spaces of solidarity”

Göttingen (Germany), 19th – 22th September 2023

The Centre for Global Migration Studies (CeMig), University of Göttingen, the Centre for the Social Study of Migration and Refugees (CESSMIR), University of Ghent and the “Human Mobility and Migration Lab”, University of Groningen are pleased to announce a PhD summer school held as part of the European ENLIGHT university network.

Weekly Seminar: Statistical methods in global climate change research (28/10 - 9/12/2022)

This online seminar aims to provide an in-depth insight into advanced statistical methods in global climate change research and how these methods can be applied. 

Summer school: Identity and contested memory construction of migrant/diasporic communities in the Mediterranean

This 5-day summer school aims to provide innovative strategies to address the current dimensions of inequity in the Mediterranean. It will focus on research in the spheres of urban vs. rural social realities such as linguistic and cultural expressions, unequal laws for women in religiously based/influenced legal systems, and the movement of people – migration and intercultural contact as a timeless phenomenon.

We invite students (M.A. and PhD level) of various disciplines: Sociology, Cultural & Social Anthropology, Law, Political Science, Language and Literary Studies, Area Studies, History etc.

Conference and workshop: "Open and closed societies: historical reasons and modern consequences of inequality in Japan and Europe" (13-14 October 2022)

The University of Tartu Asia Centre is organising a conference titled “Open and closed societies: historical reasons and modern consequences of inequality in Japan and Europe". The interactive conference takes place on the 13th and 14th of October in Tartu, Estonia. The conference aims to focus on inequality in education and the labor market. It does that from the perspective of immigration and socially vulnerable groups of minorities and non-citizens by the example of Japan and the countries of the European Union. The conference invites individual presentations that deal with the beforementioned topics, especially presentations of PhD students. 

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