Student Network

The ENLIGHT student representatives (Groningen, June 2023)

Student representatives from all 10 ENLIGHT universities have joined forces as the ENLIGHT Student Network.

The ENLIGHT Student Network represent the interests of over 330.000 students in policy- and decision-making of ENLIGHT and building a European student community.

To do so the ENLIGHT Student Network is organized in two branches: Student Network Community and Student Network Governance.

  • Student Network Community aims to promote ENLIGHT and create a vibrant community. The team organizes an annual conference at one of the partners welcoming students from all 10 universities, promotes ENLIGHT on the ground and online, and organizes local events to welcome exchange students when abroad.
  • Student Network Governance holds a central role in the process of decision-making and has a decisive voice in the ENLIGHT governance bodies to ensure the envisaged actions benefit all students on all levels. Moreover, the Students Network works together with policy staff on various topics such as digital campus, sustainability, and diversity & inclusion. On a European level the Student Network takes part in the European Student Union, FOREU2 and European Student Assembly.

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