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‘Shape-shifting’ implanted medical device to provide continuous blood pressure monitoring outside of hospital

SMARTSHAPE consortium, led from University of Galway, will develop a disruptive technology sensor.

 The European Union has awarded a European consortium €4.4million for the SMARTSHAPE project to focus on developing an implantable medical device for continuous blood pressure monitoring.

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University of Galway programme introduces working in healthcare

University of Galway’s College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences will hold an interactive taster programme for transition year students, offering hands-on experience of how healthcare teams work together.

The Health Professional Taster Day takes place on Saturday April 1 and Saturday April 22 in the University’s new state-of-the-art simulation facility, located at the Clinical Science Institute on the grounds of Galway University Hospital.

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Call for participation in the next edition of Challenge-based Education training

ENLIGHT promotes innovative teaching and learning approaches, one of them being the Challenge-Based Education (CBE) methodology and this is a call for participants in the next edition of the CBE training sessions for educators.

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Incoming students for spring semester 2023 arrived to Bratislava

On Monday, 6 February, Comenius University in Bratislava held the opening ceremony for international students.

During spring semester Comenius University will host 136 international students from 20 countries. “At Comenius we are very proud to welcome also students from the ENLIGHT alliance, from the University of the Basque country, Uppsala University and the University of Tartu,” says the Head of Erasmus+ office in Bratislava.  

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Characterising the autistic population more effectively

Multidisciplinary team from the University of the Basque Country suggests that delving deeper into the barely studied phenomenon of camouflaging can improve autism research. 

A study by the UPV/EHU’s Lindy Lab-Language in Neurodiversity research group offers a more integrative view of camouflaging across the whole autism spectrum, and draws attention to the importance of understanding this phenomenon better and improving current measurement methods in order to propose priorities for future research.

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Women in Sciences – Online Event

Women in Sciences – Online Event

In celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, RESET – Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together invites you to an event focused on women’s scientific careers in the early career stages. We will be talking to women in science about strategies for building a career in science. We will focus specifically on the intersection of gender and upward educational mobility, with an emphasis on female first-generation academics in the opening keynote and panel discussion. In the second, interactive part of the event, we will host break-out sessions. The goal of the break-out sessions is to give participants the opportunity to reflect together on issues related to academic career development under the moderation of experienced scientists, advisors, or science managers.

“Women in Science: intersectional and international perspectives“ is open to a large audience. It is aimed especially at female early-career scientists and all those who are interested in providing impulses for the promotion of equal opportunities in science.


TimeslotTalk title
Welcoming and introduction to the session
Keynote on the intersections of gender and upward educational mobility in science
Panel Discussion about career development and educational upward mobility + Q&A
Break Out Sessions, focusing on early career researchers
Final Discussion, End of Session

This event is organized in the framework of the RESET – “Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together” project. RESET is a Horizon 2020 Coordination and support action aiming to address the challenge of Gender Equality in Research Institutions in a diversity perspective.

Further information about the event will be available soon.
Language of the event – English.


ENLIGHT funded research publishes an accessible, open, global dataset of pandemic- and epidemic-prone disease outbreaks in Springer Nature’s Scientific Data

The COVID-19 pandemic has widely demonstrated the hazard that infectious diseases can pose to global public health and development. According to the latest available estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), as of February 2023 it has been confirmed to have affected over 750 million people worldwide, having caused more than 6.8 million deaths.

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ENLIGHT Lecture: 'Health & Digitalization', February 8, 3 pm CET

On February 8 at 3pm, this semesters’ third ENLIGHT lecture on “Health & Digitalization” will be hosted and livestreamed online.  As digitalization is steadily progressing, more and more areas of life get revolutionized by the new methods and opportunities it brings about. Health Care being one of these areas, this lecture takes a closer look on how digitalization impacts a variety of aspects such as health inequalities, mental health care or the documentation of patient records.

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Save the Date: Teaching & Learning Conference 2023

Date for Teaching & Learning Conference 2023

The date for the upcoming Teaching & Learning Conference is set for 11, 12, and 13 October 2023. The University of Bordeaux will be hosting the conference this year.

More information will be following. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Improving Diamond Open Access across Europe

University of Göttingen leads EU project on publishing and reading free from fees. In Diamond Open Access, there are no fees for publishing or accessing scientific publications, whether you are reading or publishing.

The University of Göttingen will lead an EU project with 23 partners in 14 European countries from January 2023. The aim is to strengthen and develop institutional publishing using the Diamond Open Access model across Europe. The European Commission has funded the project "Creating a Robust Accessible Federated Technology for Open Access (CRAFT-OA)" for three years, awarding a total of 4.8 million euros.

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ENLIGHT Lecture: 'Urban Health', January 25, 3 pm CET

On January 25 at 3pm, this semesters’ second ENLIGHT lecture on “Urban Health” will be hosted and livestreamed online. Modern life and in particular life in densely populated settings can constitute various health challenges due to various environmental influences, the way a city is designed, lifestyle choices or societal barriers. This lecture therefore aims to discuss some of these challenges while at the same time shining light on possible ways to tackle those issues.

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ENLIGHT Ancient World Winter School in Classics 2023 - The Old and the New: Tradition and Innovation in Antiquity (14-18/3,Rome)

The Winter School is targeted at PhD students in all disciplines dealing with Classical and Late Antiquity and aims especially at first- (and to some extent also second-)year PhD students who are looking to build and strengthen academic and transferable skills in presenting, research communication and networking. It is open to PhD students from the member universities of the ENLIGHT network. 

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