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Online ENLIGHT Neurepiomics Summer School (11-15 October 2021)

The University of Bordeaux is hosting an online ENLIGHT Neurepiomics Summer School scheduled from October 11th to 15th from 2 to 7 pm CEST!

This summer school on "neuroepidemiology" in the omics era takes place annually since 2015 with experts from Europe, the US, Canada, and Japan, targeting a broad audience ranging from students, to early career and more senior researchers interested in acquiring expertise in this field. Participants usually come from diverse disciplines (epidemiology, clinical, bioinformatics, biostatistics, etc.).

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Save the date: “Strategies against racism as a cross-cutting issue for European Universities"

Lecture: 25.10.2021

Workshop 3. & 10.11.2021

Knowledge of how racism works, especially in the academic realm, and how we are caught up in it in various ways, and the ability to counteract it are important elements of becoming able to work together towards more discrimination-sensitive European Universities.

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NUI Galway to Partner with Basque Country and Comenius on an exciting EIT Funded Innovation Capacity Building in Higher Education Project.

NUI Galway is to lead a new European project to bring a new entrepreneurial focus to higher education in collaboration with ENLIGHT partner institutions.

i2i (Idea to Impact) will train more than 800 students and 300 staff over two years to look beyond the boundaries of their own disciplines, to think innovatively and enhance the start-up ecosystem in a network of universities and colleges.

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ENLIGHT Communities declare interest in joint network for external ENLIGHT partners!

ENLIGHT aims to address the societal challenges we face across our participating regions, promoting equitable quality of life, sustainability and external engagement within the communities of the partner universities. In order to achieve this the ENLIGHT Global Outreach team are working to strengthen links and collaborations with our regional stakeholders across the network. The cities and regions play a central role in ENLIGHT as they are key to the development of learning formats and research activities around the challenges our cities and regions are facing.

In the ENLIGHT alliance, each partner university will serve as a gateway out to and into its region. The Global Outreach team wish to create of a ‘network of communities’ within ENLIGHT to share insights on how our regions and universities are partnering to tackle the sustainability challenges we all face, and to establish best practices within our network. This ‘network of communities’ will be central to the outreach work package that NUI Galway are co-leading with Uppsala University to bring together universities and communities to ‘share the journey to shape the future’.

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ENLIGHT Equity Winter School (15-19 November 2021)

Equal treatment as a principle and as a practice is often discussed in the context of minorities or ‘vulnerable groups’. However, equal treatment does not always assure either equality or equity. How to create an organisation that supports human rights, equity and equal treatment in its every phase? The interactive online 5-day winter school “Equity and Equality” is focusing on these principles and questions. Participants can hear more on the development of the idea behind equity and equality, and how to assure them in medicine and education.

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The world's first autonomous hydrogen vehicle granted road permit in Estonia

The Estonian autonomous vehicle manufacturer Auve Tech and the University of Tartu have collaborated to develop the world's first autonomous hydrogen vehicle, which has now driven its first test kilometres and passed the test of Estonian Road Administration in order to start operating on public roads.

The world premiere event introducing this shuttle bus created in Estonia will take place on 5 July 2021 in Tartu, Estonia.

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The Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Mentorship 2021 Program has kicked off successfully!

On June 24, together with the ENLIGHT Core Group on “Health and Well-Being”, the Ban Ki-moon Centre’s Mentorship Program 2021 has kicked-off with welcome remarks from Heinz Fischer, 11th President of Austria and BKMC Co-chair, Stephanie Debette, ENLIGHT DM Chair and UBx VP External Relations, and Monika Froehler, BKMC CEO.

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NUI Galway to follow University of the Basque Country as ENLIGHT chair

ENLIGHT will transform its team members to a similar extent as the target recipients of its learning actions, says rector Ferreira.

The opening address of rector Ferreira (University of the Basque Country) at the June 2021 ENLIGHT mid-year meeting highlighted and saluted the intense work carried out in the previous months.

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Tartu recognised as a Silver Level Green Tourism Destination

Tartu participates in the project in order to stand out as an attractive destination among visitors who appreciate responsible tourism. The label recognises Tartu’s development as both a living environment and a tourist destination.

Applying for a recognised quality label required the completion of a report consisting of one hundred criteria, which mapped the current situation in Tartu in areas of importance for sustainable tourism.

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ENLIGHT-students welcoming more students to join the Student Network!

From meeting for the first time late last year to successfully finishing ENLIGHT’s midyear-meeting with students represented on all levels, let us show you what we have achieved!

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ENLIGHT boosts sustainability policies at Comenius University in Bratislava

Members of the ENLIGHT project community of Comenius University have been actively promoting sustainability and eco-friendly policy within the institution.

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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships in Public Health (@Groningen)

Are you looking for a postdoc position in the field of Public Health under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (Horizon Europe)? Then, the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health (AJSPH) in Groningen is your option.

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