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ENLIGHT published first "Success stories of Inclusive Mobility"

Inclusion, equality and diversity are vital elements of ENLIGHT’s overarching vision. This implies making international student mobility accessible to the whole student body in terms of background, affluence, living situation e.g., for students with disabilities or health issues; from less favourable socio-economic backgrounds; with specific (cultural, religious, and personal) motivations. For this reason, ENLIGHT universities provide counselling and services for better use of existing mobility options for students from underrepresented groups and develop flexible learning paths ‘customised’ to students’ individual needs as well as tailored measures for inclusive mobility to remove barriers for international learning.

In line with the ENLIGHT communication strategy on inclusive mobility in order to reach the specific target groups of students, who are underrepresented in international learning, the first "Success stories of Inclusive Mobility" inspire, motivate and empower more students to overcome their barriers of mobility. These stories highlight both success stories and good practices that will set and manage expectations around challenges and the facilitation options available. Furthermore, the stories advance administration staffs’ and teachers’ awareness and knowledge of diversity, intersectionality, inclusion, and equality and provide skills to handle related barriers. They, in turn, are expected to support students to smoothly participate in mobility programmes and strive towards ENLIGHT’s goal to reach a more diverse range of students attending mobility and international learning activities.
The videos and audios are available on ENLIGHT's YouTube page.

University of Göttingen

Comenius University Bratislava

University of Groningen

University of Tartu 

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