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Workshop on Russia's wars: power and agency in times of crises and exceptions

On 28 and 28 November, the University of Ghent and the University of Tartu organise a workshop on the various aspects of Russia’s wars in times of crises and exceptions.

The first day of the workshop takes place at the University of Tartu Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies at Lossi 36 and the second at the Institute of Education at Jakobi 5.

There will be parallel sessions on both days. The following topics will be covered: Russia’s war against Ukraine, new insecurities and societal fault lines in Central Asia, post-imperial hybridities: a cultural outlook, a perceptive gaze: Russia as viewed from the outside, the multifaceted world of COVID-19: the biopolitics of medical emergency, Russia’s hegemonic regionalism in the “unshared” neighbourhood, and global insecurities. Speakers include experts from the University of Tartu, Ghent, Bratislava, and Bordeaux.

The programme for the two-day workshop was developed by Andrey Makarychev, Professor of Regional Political Studies. 

Anyone interested in a scientific perspective on Russia's foreign policy is welcome to attend. Read the full programme

Additional information: Fidan Vali, Project Manager at Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The event has been partly funded by the ENLIGHT Network and through the „I AM @ Media project financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs development cooperation programme.


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