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ENLIGHT Lecture: „Equity in Science & Technology”, September 14, 6 pm CET

On September 14th at 6pm, this semesters’ third ENLIGHT lecture will be hosted and livestreamed online. This session investigates the issue of equity in the broad context of science and technology as many people are facing unequal treatment or structural obstacles due to gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic positions. Furthermore, the unequal distribution of scientific infrastructures and data due to unequal resources is an obstacle to more equity in science. In this lecture therefore three experts of the ENLIGHT network give presentations on how different projects work to reduce inequalities in science and technology from different angles.

Steven Caluwaerts (Professor for Physics and Astronomy at Ghent University) talks about the VLINDER project. The project uses a novel approach to address a lack of weather information data in certain landscapes such as larger cities as weather locations tend to be placed predominantly in rural environments. In cooperation with different High Schools, he was able to establish a wide region-wide climate monitoring network in a variety of locations. Now Prof. Caluwaerts would like to share his experiences and the lessons learnt to encourage and help other researchers in exploring collaborations with schools or citizen science.

The presentation on “Curating new ethnicities in a digital era: Women and media work in the British South Asian diaspora” is given by Julia Giese (lecturer at the Diversity Research Institute at the University of Göttingen). Her research focuses on diasporic cultural memory. This talk investigates the unfolding impact of social media technology and platforms on the politics of race, ethnicity, and gender in the UK. Julia Giese focuses on how British South Asian women are navigating new opportunities opened up by the digitalization of media industries while dealing with dominant ideas of Britishness and cultural citizenship.

Birgit Schmidt presents on "Addressing equity gaps in Open Science". She coordinates international and national Open Science activities and projects and leads the unit Knowledge Commons at Göttingen State and University Library. In ENLIGHT she leads the Open Science work package and contributes as co-lead to a work package on digital research infrastructures.

The lecture finishes with a short discussion, the audience is invited to post the questions in the chat.

All members from the ENLIGHT community, external partners and wider public are welcome to join the lecture. You can register and participate in a Zoom Session or tune in on the ENLIGHT Youtube Channel ( where the lecture will be broadcasted live. Registration for the Zoom Session is possible on the website of the University of Göttingen (

Networking event after the lecture for researchers from ENLIGHT universities

Each lecture is followed by a networking event for the scientific community. In the brand-new virtual space, the researchers from ENLIGHT universities can not only continue the discussion on the lecture`s topic but also use the opportunity to identify common research interests. This event serves as a platform for developing new ideas for future cooperation within the network. The ENLIGHT team supports this process by providing insights on funding opportunities. Researchers from all stages are more than welcome to join in! Please register here.

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"Health & Equity" 12.10.2022 Please register here.

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The ENLIGHT lecture series takes place each semester and represents one of the flagship domains which are key determinants of societal well-being and sustainability. For our ENLIGHT lectures, scientists, and researchers from across the ENLIGHT network come together to discuss different perspectives on and approaches to combat climate change. The topics in this fall's lecture series range from food & sustainability to the impact of climate change on migration.

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