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ENLIGHT Lecture: 'Urban Health', January 25, 3 pm CET

On January 25 at 3pm, this semesters’ second ENLIGHT lecture on “Urban Health” will be hosted and livestreamed online. Modern life and in particular life in densely populated settings can constitute various health challenges due to various environmental influences, the way a city is designed, lifestyle choices or societal barriers. This lecture therefore aims to discuss some of these challenges while at the same time shining light on possible ways to tackle those issues.

 At first Hans Orru, who is a Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Tartu talks about "How urban transportation modes affect our health”. Within his research, he has focused on air quality and climate change, but more recently also on the industrially contaminated areas, indoor air pollution, the health impact of noise, biomonitoring and health risk perception. Over the past 15 years of investigations, he has been involved in more than 30 research and applied science projects which have had a significant effect in raising public awareness about the health effects of the environment.

Then Ainhoa Bereziartua presents the research project “Urban Environmental Determinants of Health: a cross-sectional multicentric project based on Population Health Surveys (DAS-EP project), study protocol”. Ainhoa Bereziartua is a Pre-doctoral Researcher of Environmental Health Epidemiology at the Biodonostia Health Research Institute in the Basque Country. Her work focuses specifically on the interlinks between urban environmental exposures and health outcomes. Currently, she is also collaborating with the b-EHRG research group from the University of the Basque Country in projects related to urban health.

Lastly, Robin Vandecasteele, who is a PhD-Student of Sociology under the supervision of Prof. dr. Sara Willems and Prof. dr. Stéphanie De Maesschalck at Ghent University, holds a presentation on „Ethnic discrimination and cultural sensitivity in healthcare”.  In his research he uses both mixed-method and qualitative research designs to try and explain ethnic discrimination in healthcare. He tries to examine what mechanisms are dominantly contributing to discrimination and, ultimately, how to reduce ethnic discrimination and heath disparities.

All members from the ENLIGHT community, external partners and wider public are welcome to join the lecture. You can register and participate in a Zoom Session or tune in on the ENLIGHT YouTube Channel where the lecture will be broadcasted live. Registration for the Zoom Session is possible on the website of the University of Göttingen (

Networking event after the lecture for researchers from ENLIGHT universities

Each lecture is followed by a networking event for the scientific community. In the brand-new virtual space, the researchers from ENLIGHT universities can not only continue the discussion on the lecture`s topic but also use the opportunity to identify common research interests. This event serves as a platform for developing new ideas for future cooperation within the network. The ENLIGHT team supports this process by providing insights on funding opportunities. Researchers from all stages are more than welcome to join in! Please register here.

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The ENLIGHT lecture series takes place each semester and represents one of the flagship domains which are key determinants of societal well-being and sustainability. For our ENLIGHT lectures, scientists, and researchers from across the ENLIGHT network come together to discuss different perspectives on and approaches to combat climate change. The topics in this fall's lecture series range from food & sustainability to the impact of climate change on migration.

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