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ENLIGHT Lecture: 'Health & Equity', October 12, 6 pm CET

On October 12 at 6pm, this semesters’ fourth ENLIGHT lecture will be hosted and livestreamed online. This session addresses the importance of and multifaceted challenges to equity in the context of public health care.

At first, Mats Målqvist who is a Professor for Global Health at the Department of Women’s and Children Health at Uppsala University as well as the Director of the SWEDESD – Sustainability Learning Research Centre, gives a talk on “The place of health equity in the sustainable narrative”.

Then Michal Molcho, Professor for Sociology at the University of Galway who is focusing on the Sociology of Health reports from her current research dealing with Mental well-being in adolescents, Health inequalities in (Childhood) Cancer Survivorship and early exposure to bullying due to income inequality and its impact on health.

Thirdly, Ben Robaeyst who is a Researcher for Media Innovation and Communication Technologies, talks about the project COMON and the current subproject that addresses the question: “How can we make health care more understandable for all inhabitants of Ghent?” COMON is a collective of scientists, technologists and creatives from Ghent that aim to make the city a better place by coming up with solutions to its pressing societal issues.

The lecture finishes with a short discussion, the audience is invited to post the questions in the chat.

All members from the ENLIGHT community, external partners and wider public are welcome to join the lecture. You can register and participate in a Zoom Session or tune in on the ENLIGHT Youtube Channel ( where the lecture will be broadcasted live. Registration for the Zoom Session is possible on the website of the University of Göttingen (

Networking event after the lecture for researchers from ENLIGHT universities

Each lecture is followed by a networking event for the scientific community. In the brand-new virtual space, the researchers from ENLIGHT universities can not only continue the discussion on the lecture`s topic but also use the opportunity to identify common research interests. This event serves as a platform for developing new ideas for future cooperation within the network. The ENLIGHT team supports this process by providing insights on funding opportunities. Researchers from all stages are more than welcome to join in! Please register here.

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