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ENLIGHT Concert "The Four Seasons in (Climate) Change", 09 September 2022, 7:30 pm CET

The new composition "The Four Seasons in (Climate) Change" will premiere on 9th September, 7:30 pm CET in concert, at the University of Göttingen. The ENLIGHT concert will be livestreamed online.

Inspired by current and projected climate data and already visible consequences of climate change on flora and fauna, Antonio Vivaldi's work "The Four Seasons" will be reinterpreted by Prof. Dr. Mark Barden (Professor of Composition, Detmold University of Music) with the assistance of the composition students Carlo Tosato, Zara Ali and Daniel Kalantari. Scientific insights will be provided by Prof. Dr. Alexander Knohl (Professor of Bioclimatology, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, University of Göttingen) and ENLIGHT researchers.

In cooperation with the Göttingen Baroque Orchestra the new composition "Die Vier Jahreszeiten im (Klima)Wandel / The Four Seasons in (Climate) Change" will premier on 9th of September 2022, at 7:30 pm in concert, at the Assembly Hall of the University of Göttingen. In between the four concert movements, Prof. Knohl and his colleagues will explain the influence of climate change on the seasons as well as Prof. Barden and his composition team will provide a general explanation of how the scientific findings on climate change were taken into account in the development of the new composition. The ENLIGHT concert will be livestreamed online.

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