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Don´t miss the opportunity to participate in the ENLIGHT innovative and exciting courses and learn more about ENLIGHT's 9 partner universities!

Check-out & listen to the ENLIGHT student testimonials collected during the first editions of the Interdisciplinary Study of the Climate Neutral City, AI for non-IT students and Global Engagement Module courses that took place in Spring 2022 to understand what the ENLIGHT challenge-based courses are all about and see how the ENLIGHT students showcase their 9 universities.

Since February 2021, 16 new ENLIGHT courses have been open for application under the 5 ENLIGHT flagship areas, key determinants of societal well-being and sustainability: Climate Change, Equity, Health & Well-being, Energy & Circular Economy, and Digital Revolution & Impact of Digitization. Thanks to the Erasmus + agreement signed between the 9 ENLIGHT partner universities students are offered the opportunity to participate in the ENLIGHT courses. The multilateral Erasmus+ agreement enables ENLIGHT students from all disciplines to go on student mobility to any of the 9 ENLIGHT universities. The agreement allows both traditional semester-long mobility as well as short-term mobility within the framework of Erasmus+ blended intensive programmes (BIP).

Many more ENLIGHT courses and new-editions are to come, planned for Autumn 2022 & Spring 2023!

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