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ENLIGHT launches Course Catalogue

The ENLIGHT network has launched a digital Course Catalogue, which allows ENLIGHT students to search for all the courses available for application in the ENLIGHT European University.

The catalogue covering all ENLIGHT universities makes it easier for students to find courses to study abroad and boost their studies according to their interests and field of study. All the information can be found in one place, and browsing is possible by key words, host university, instruction language, format, level, semester, or ECTS.

There are virtual and physical courses, and the new blended courses let students work from home and then do practical work abroad. Students can earn ECTS for studies at other ENLIGHT universities, making it possible to attend courses at different universities simultaneously. Using the catalogue, students can create lists of favourites and get a personalised curriculum. The home university’s Study Abroad Centre must approve the start of studying abroad at the ENLIGHT universities.

The catalogue is a major step towards creating a digital campus that interconnects all nine universities. In addition to the course catalogue, the digital campus will incorporate other systems connected with studying and research. For further information about the catalogue, check out the video and visit the ENLIGHT Course Catalogue.


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