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Call for participation in the 3rd edition of Challenge-based Education training

ENLIGHT promotes innovative teaching and learning approaches, one of them being the Challenge-Based Education (CBE) methodology and this is a call for participants in the 3rd edition of the CBE training sessions for educators.

The focus of CBE is on incorporating real-life cases into the teaching of university courses along with working on students' 21st century skills. CBE is not only for designing new courses, but a teaching and learning strategy that can be introduced into existing courses as smaller teaching units. 

This online training opportunity is targeted towards educators or educational designers who would like to gain deeper insights into theory and practice of CBE. The training team will go over relevant frameworks, examples of previous courses and practice applying these principles with colleagues from the ENLIGHT university network. 

These sessions will be held online with the additional possibility to network, exchange ideas and questions with colleagues from other ENLIGHT universities.

The training has 3 components:

  • An asynchronous online path that opens on 28th November, 2022. The path requires approximately half a day with the objective of participants gaining familiarity with the concept.
  • ZOOM session 1 on 12th December 9.00-11.30 am CET – In this session, participants will meet colleagues from the online path in a ZOOM session, reflect on existing knowhow on CBE and design a challenge-based module.
  • ZOOM session 2 on 14th December 9.00-11.30 am CET –Participants will work in small groups and choose the appropriate teaching tools and techniques to guide and coach students throughout a CBE Module

Please send an expression of interest to the ENLIGHT coordinator at your university before 15th of November, 2022.

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