Carmen Medina Llanos

Affiliation: Uppsala University

Position: Research Advisor
E-Mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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My engagement with/interest in Open Science:
I have a PhD in Quantum Chemistry and more than 20 years’ experience in data-driven research in chemistry and biology. Presently, I work with research support for the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University (UU). My main areas of responsibility lie within large Research Infrastructures of national and international interest; among others, the e-infrastructures National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden ( and the National Research Infrastructure for Data Visualization ( Through my work engagements, I have contact with different fields of research, which gives me an excellent view and understanding of the special needs and hurdles that each group has in transitioning to more open data and results.
As a Research Advisor, I have a network of contacts in multidisciplinary research groups that produce, manage, and use a wide variety of data types, and at all levels of knowledge and maturity regarding Open Science and the FAIR principles. In this central position, I have the opportunity of informing, communicating, engaging, and helping to implement Open Science/Data practices to a wide range of researchers as well as of providing advice and feedback to university leaders. I am also a member of the UU reference group for EOSC.
An interest for and understanding of Open Science developed during my 6 years as project coordinator in the Swedish e-science initiative eSSENCE (
Finally, I am strongly committed to the principles of Open Science in general, and have a great interest in becoming an ambassador to promote its principles and practices.


Keywords research discipline:
e-Infrastructure; Data management; Data visualization

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