Aswathi Surendran

Affiliation: National University o Ireland, Galway

Position: PhD Researcher
E-Mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Link to professional profile:


My engagement with/interest in Open Science:
I strongly believe as a part of a scientific community and recipient of public funding, we have an obligation to make our knowledge available and accessible to everyone worldwide. This would also pave way to become aware of the progress made worldwide, create and contribute to global initiatives, create progress rather than focusing on re-inventing the wheels and there by create an efficient, inclusive, transparent and reliable path for knowledge transfer. I believe that in coming days, open science ethos will play a significant role in fighting misinformation and fake news too.

I firmly believe that the open science initiative like the Enlight-Rise has the potential to explore various avenues of Open Science that can be developed and improved so that transparency and accessibility can be truly achievable for every science enthusiast.

My relevant contributions till date:
- 8 years of work experience in managing open source software
- Currently working on developing Agape open science course as a part of the EU H2020 initiative (Opening Doors project)


Keywords research discipline:
health behaviour change; safety behaviours; farm safety; user behaviours; qualitative research; open data; open access publication


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