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ENLIGHT | Alumni Network

In a recent virtual gathering, nine out of the ten ENLIGHT partner universities convened to explore the potential benefits of increased alumni network collaboration. The important conclusion reached by the participants was a resounding "yes." The ENLIGHT Alumni Professionals Network aims to foster mutual learning, inspire one another, and collectively enhance their institutions. The consortium will reunite in the upcoming fall to delve into Alumni Strategy.

"The ENLIGHT Alumni Professionals Network is an invaluable platform for our universities to come together and learn from each other," said Remco Kouwenhoven, Director Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy at the University of Groningen. "By sharing best practices and experiences, we can enhance our Alumni Relations efforts and ensure a lifelong connection with our graduates. This network enables us to tap into the immense potential and expertise of our alumni community, driving our institutions towards greater success."

Would you like to join the next online meeting - the date is yet to be determined - of the ENLIGHT Alumni Professionals Network, please reach out to Olga Hesling (University of Groningen) via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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