University of Bern

UniBESwitzerland  - founded 1834

The University of Bern is a comprehensive university, based in Switzerland’s capital city, offering excellent research and teaching at eight faculties. Approximately 20% of its 19,500 students and 50% of its academic staff have an international background. The university runs ten interdisciplinary research centres and seven graduate schools.

The University of Bern is ranked among the top 100 in the 2023 THE World Universities ranking. In 2021, scientists at the University of Bern were awarded 449 Swiss National Science Foundation projects, 120 EU projects and 59 international grants.
By joining ENLIGHT the University of Bern made a long-term commitment to ENLIGHT, its activities, mission, values and activities. As one of the first universities to admit women students (since the 1870s), Bern has a long-standing commitment to diversity, equity and equal opportunities. Putting a strong emphasis on professional development and academic leadership, the university is well placed to make a strong contribution to WP4. It is equally committed to sustainability, both as a research area and in institutional practice. The Alps offer unique opportunities for studies of climate, glaciology, geology, geography, energy, soil, wildlife and water. The University of Bern works very closely with the city of Bern in researching challenges the city faces, such as climate change, citizen involvement and outreach activities.

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