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Digital Water for Sustainable Cities 2024

The course presents water resource management in sustainable cities. Introduction to challenges and sustainable adaptation measures for drinking water supply and wastewater as well as stormwater management, with focus on treatment, distribution and collection systems. 

About the course


The course presents an introduction to water resource management in sustainable cities. Description of drinking water supply and wastewater as well as stormwater management, with focus on treatment, distribution and collection systems. Challenges and sustainable adaptation measures in connection with e.g. climate change, increasing urbanization and aging infrastructure. Digitalization is studied within the framework of more efficient and sustainable water quality monitoring as well as supervision of treatment processes and operation of pipelines and reservoirs. The specific tools that are covered in the course are process control and monitoring, measurement technology, the Internet of Things as well as data analysis. Ethical considerations and security risks in connection with digitalization of the water sector. The course includes project work with case studies in digitalization in the water sector.


Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the student should be able to

  • explain the basic principles of drinking water supply as well as wastewater and stormwater management in cities,
  • describe and assess different challenges for efficient and sustainable use of technical water systems in cities,
  • describe digitalization of the technical water systems by applying sensor technology, data storage, data processing, process control, modelling and artificial intelligence,
  • identify and reflect on security risks and ethical considerations linked to digitalization of technical water systems.


Exercises and seminars (3 credits), written and oral presentation of project work (2 credits).

A formal transcript of records can be downloaded from Uppsala University's Student Portal.  


Uppsala University: Ekaterina Sokolova

Comenius University: TBC

University of the Basque Country: TBC


    Practical Details

    Courses – Focus area: Health and Well-being, Digitalisation, Climate Change
    Study Field: All fields
    Type: course
    Format: Blended
    Course dates: 4 Nov 2024 – 19 Jan 2025 (On-site in Uppsala: 11-15 Nov 2024)
    Apply by: 15 April 2024
    ECTS: 5
    Number of places available: 3 per ENLIGHT partner university
    Level: Bachelor