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We are looking for ENLIGHT partners to carry out international exchanges that help the reflection on interdisciplinary experiences related to active methodologies, focusing on the development of critical thinking and interdisciplinary collaborative work.
We are looking for scientists from the ENLIGHT network who are working on the theme of disconcertment in sportive settings, didactic settings (with or without sport reference, within or outside the school context) or methodical and methodological considerations for researching…
Within the framework of the DAAD-funded Project BEST Exchange (Brazilian, Belgian, Estonian, Swedish Teacher Exchange) we want to establish joint classroom in different fields (natural sciences, languages and more...). If you are an educator or administrative staff in the field…
We are looking for partners who are experienced in mammalian cell bioprocessing and are interested in therapeutic protein production.
We are looking for ENLIGHT partners interested in organising a number of public webinars on 'Discussing diversity', addressing topics such as stereotypes, representation and decolonisation.

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