Covid Med Supply exchange platform (NUI Galway)

Prof. Derek O’Keeffe, affiliated to the University Hospital Galway and Professor for Medical Device Technology at NUI Galway has developed a platform for exchange of medical equipment to fight Covid-19:

Amidst the pandemic caused by the new Corona Virus that is affecting countries all over the world, Prof. O’Keeffe and his research team developed an online platform that aims to help out hospitals who experience a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) due to the growing numbers of people affected and pressure on various supply chains, such as gloves, masks or gowns are urgently needed to deal with the current health crisis.

Covid Med Supply works via crowd sourcing. Local industries such as universities, labs, vets or dentists who can offer PPE upload details about what and how much they are able to donate. Through the platform they can be matched with local hospitals who stated that they are in urgent need of PPE. The platform also allows people or organisations to register who are able to transport the PPE to the place where it is needed.

The platform is a public global website that has already been used in over 10 countries. Once the pandemic is over, the website and all its data will be deleted.

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