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University of Tartu International Summer University course in Clinical Medicine deadline extended

The application period for the summer course "Contemporary Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures" is extended to 21 May 2023. Apply here!

The summer course will take place on-site in Tartu from 31 July 2023 – 12 August 2023. 

Multimorbidity is increasingly becoming the norm, particularly in the older population, and presents enormous challenges for patients and their doctors. For people with multimorbidity, consideration needs to be given to individualising care and designing it around each person's needs and priorities.

Contemporary Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures is a medical course that includes biochemical, immunological, genetic laboratory, and instrumental assessments, theory discussions, practical measurements, and interpretation. Additionally, multimorbid patients’ case-based discussions and treatment procedures performed or viewed. Detailed information can be found on the course’s website.

The Tartu University Hospital is the largest healthcare provider in Estonia. In the recently opened simulation centre, the students have the possibility to solve many practical tasks in addition to theoretical knowledge.

The University of Tartu is Estonia's largest and oldest university, founded in 1632. We are Estonia's national university and the centre of the country's academic spirit. We are a strong research university, promoting education and research worldwide. As of 2023, the University of Tartu belongs to the top 1% of the world's universities.

Scholarships opportunities

In collaboration with DAAD, the University of Tartu gives out 8 scholarships for students who are enrolled in universities in Germany. You need to apply separately for the scholarship by May 21. Apply here.

There are also ENLIGHT scholarships available for students from ENLIGHT partner universities. More information and the application form are on ENLIGHT scholarship page.

For more details, please visit our official webpage:


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