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Making Challenge-based Education accessible to all

ENLIGHT’s educational taskforce has recently launched a series of articles on the theme Challenge-based Education (CBE) for the website’s “For Educators” section. The articles provide readers an opportunity for self-paced learning via text, video, and interactive elements.

This asynchronous learning mode, designed by educational developers and academics from across the network, is targeted towards a wider audience that seeks to familiarize itself with the theory and practice of CBE. This CBE series is based on ENLIGHT training programmes for educators and coaches that has completed its pilot phase in the past academic year (‘21-’22) has moved into its second operational year.

As part of its educational vision and mission, ENLIGHT seeks to build a strong educational foundation in Challenge-based Education to help ensure that students are equipped with 21st century skills that further complement their subject matter knowledge. The network is actualizing the vision of implementing CBE as its core educational value by conducting regular trainings for educators. The next edition of the CBE training course will be held end of November-early December, 2022.

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