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Webinar: From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy: Trade and Investment Options

On 7 June between 11:00 and 15:00 (CEST), the Institute of International and European Law will be hosting a webinar entitled “From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy: Trade and Investment Options - defining the research agenda after COP26, the IPCC Reports and OECD Discussions”.
To effectively combat climate change, big and small reforms are necessary to the current trade and investment systems, both of which often take central stage in discussions on environmental protection.

During the webinar two expert panels will present on topics of international trade law (11:00-13:00) and international investment law (13:00-15:00). Specifically the panels will discuss how these two legal frameworks can, and should, facilitate the necessary energy transition, and what their roles are in the broader fight against climate change. The panels will also endeavour to address where there are still gaps in research, and contribute on the future of academic research in these areas. 

The webinar is conducted as part of the ENLIGHT network and is supported by the ESIL Interest Group on International Economic Law.

For the programme, to register and submit any prior questions please follow this link:

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