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Enlight/U4 Ancient World Winter School 2022

The University of Tartu organizes the Enlight/U4 Ancient World Winter School 2022 in collaboration with the universities of Göttingen, Groningen, Ghent and Uppsala. 

 During the event PhD students and their supervisors present papers, focusing on (power) relations in and between ancient cities and other, for example religious or philosophical communities or the interdependence of towns and the countryside (from Aegean prehistory to late antiquity). They also present studies, which reflect the responses of the individuals viz. the surrounding world in the antiquity, based on empirical evidence (textual or material, including linguistics) and the papers dedicated to the tradition of antiquity. 

Target group: PhD students (and advanced master students) in all disciplines dealing with antiquity: ancient history, archaeology, cultural studies, ethnology, philosophy, religion studies, art history, linguistics, literary studies, rhetoric, ancient science etc.

More information about programme and registration:

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