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Meet Prif UK Sustainability, 1st green student organisation at Comenius

Prif UK Sustainability would love to make Comenius University more green, students more satisfied and happier and they would like to support sustainable choices. Students from Prif UK Sustainability would like to do many activities, for example excursions, lectures and discussions with interesting people, breakfast for students and many more.

The first activity of Prif UK Sustainability was Naturalists' Breakfast in the Botanical Garden of the Comenius University. The event was held on April 25th 2023 in the Botanical Garden. The participants could enjoy vegan sausages, 100% plant-based baguettes and some of students brought their own homemade jam. During breakfast, everyone had the opportunity to read books about the nature from the authors of Comenius University.

Students shared ideas about possibilities how to make every breakfast more sustainable. This fulfilled the purpose of the first event of the newly formed organisation. Since the food was only a kind of bait, it means that the real goal of the event was nothing more than to start building relationships and a more sustainable future.

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