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Registration Open: Workshop Beyond XAI

A five days program this summer from 17 to 21 July 2023, including top state-of-the-art topics of AI

The lecture program is based on three main topics:

1) data science methods and machine learning, such as data integration, cleaning, imputation, model evaluation, and optimization

2) Interpretability and explainability as well as computer vision, image analytics and visualization

3) Big data, AI security and legal aspects and AI evaluation, its regulations, and acceptance in different application areas such as health care.

Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. Students from the 9 Enlight Universities are welcome. Only students from Enlight Universities can participate. Registration closes on June 11th. Enlight students outside of Göttingen can apply for a grant of up to €300 for help with travel and accommodation  in Göttingen. Depending on previous knowledge and motivation, ten scholarships are awarded.

The registration deadline is 11 June. For further information regarding the workshop and registration procedure, please consult:


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