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R&I Workshop “The evaluation of research and researchers”: registration and agenda

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Date: Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Time: 10:00-15:00 CET

Venue: online

Target audience: policy makers, research support staff and researchers involved in the design and implementation of research(er) assessment systems

Registration deadline: Thursday, 22 September 2022
Registration via:

Research is evaluated for various reasons and at various moments in a researcher's career. This is the case for instance in the recruitment and promotion of academics, and in the evaluation of a research group, faculty or university. The evaluation of research and researchers is the subject of an international debate in which also the European Commission participates. Several universities are considering or are already implementing changes in their assessment systems, at the level of the evaluation of individual researchers as well as at the level of the evaluation of research units or entire institutions. The changes are threefold: (1) explore new evaluation methods (more qualitative and less quantitative), (2) widen the scope of what is evaluated (include a broad ranges of outputs, outcomes and activities) and (3) assess more diverse aspects of a career in research (include teaching, leadership etc.).

In this workshop, ENLIGHT-RISE partners will present how research and researchers are evaluated in their institutions, and will explore how the current debate impacts these evaluation systems. These presentations will feed into a broader reflection on what the local and international trends and developments in research(er) assessment indicate for an international consortium such as ENLIGHT-RISE. The workshop starts with a presentation on the European initiative to reform research assessment.

Confirmed speakers: Donal Leech (NUI Galway), Ignace Lemahieu, (Ghent University), Javier Lopez Albacete and Jean-Emmanuel Faure (European Commission), Nele Bracke (Ghent University), Åsa Kettis and Camilla Maandi (Uppsala University). A detailed programme can be found on

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