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Enlight Digital Campus development is in full swing

At the end of June, a meeting of the Digital Campus Working Group took place in Tartu. The aim of the meeting  was to discuss all the issues that have arisen during the development of the digital campus at the partner universities.

The digital campus gives the student the opportunity to get acquainted with the ENLIGHT network courses offered by ENLIGHT partner universities and to receive instructions on how to apply for the desired course. In addition it is very welcome and long awaited in the ENLIGHT network because it helps to create a single system between nine ENLIGHT universities, where finding likeable courses will become easier and more convenient.


According to Siim Pähn, coordinator of the digital campus development work package, “if everything goes according to plan, students will be able to see the courses already in September”.

In the future, one of the goals of digital campus development is that students are able to apply for a suitable course on the central page. This development is expected to be completed by 2024.

The University of Tartu would like to thank everyone who has dedicated their time to developing the digital campus and with whom we have had pleasant cooperation so far.

International Conference “Privacy, Data Protection and New Technologies was held on 16-17 June 2022 in Tartu

The two-day conference brought together Enlight´s partners to discuss whether and how today´s European Union concept of personal data protection is compatible with the development of new technologies and how to ensure the protection of personal data as a fundamental right in an increasingly automated world.

Among other things, the following important topics were discussed during the conference

  • Data Protection and M2M Communication
  • Data Protection and Blockchain Technologies
  • Data Protection and Behavioral Advertising
  • Training of AI Systems: How to Comply with the GDPR?
  • Legal Tech Applications and Data Protection
  • Personal Care Robots and Data Protection

Tartu University School of Law would like to thank all the participants and contributors to the conference.

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