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ENLIGHT Lecture on “Artificial Intelligence: Ethical Aspects"

Join our online lecture on "Artificial Intelligence: Etihcal Aspects" on September 20th at 2 pm CET!

ENLIGHT | Alumni Network

In a recent virtual gathering, nine out of the ten ENLIGHT partner universities convened to explore the potential benefits of increased alumni network collaboration. The important conclusion reached by the participants was a resounding "yes." The ENLIGHT Alumni Professionals Network aims to foster mutual learning, inspire one another, and collectively enhance their institutions. The consortium will reunite in the upcoming fall to delve into Alumni Strategy.

ENLIGHT at EAIE 2023 in Rotterdam: sessions and meet & greet!

EAIE Conference (26-19 September 2023)

ENLIGHT pursues its ambitions and successfully secures 14.4 million € 

The European Commission has published the selection results of the 2023 Erasmus+ call for proposals for European Universities. ENLIGHT, now consisting of 10 universities from 10 European countries, is among the 30 selected alliances and will receive 14.4 million € for the next four years. The alliance intends to allocate a significant portion of the funding towards academic initiatives, emphasizing its commitment to supporting scholars. Moreover, ENLIGHT is pleased to welcome the University of Bern as its newest alliance member. This collaboration strengthens the diversity and impact of the alliance, furthering its mission to develop a university of the future.

Meet our ENLIGHT Impact Ambassadors!

The ENLIGHT Impact Ambassadors are the representatives of the ENLIGHT impact awarded research teams who have demonstrated to be exemplars in the planning for and achieving impact in the ENLIGHT flagship areas of health and wellbeing, digital revolution, climate change, energy and circular economy, equity.

ENLIGHT European Dialogues gathering experts on Digital Innovation in Health and Well-being in Galway!

University of Galway recently welcomed 147 researchers, PhD students and external industry stakeholders from across the ENLIGHT network for a special event to address solutions for global societal challenges. The ‘ENLIGHT European Dialogue Digital Innovation in Health and Wellbeing, co-hosted with Uppsala University, ran from 23 to 25 May 2023, and brought together ENLIGHT universities and external stakeholders to share best practices and foster future research and education collaborations. 14 digital health companies from the ENLIGHT regions participated in the networking event. Local companies from Galway, SymPhysis Medical, FeelTect, Croí and Boston Scientific, were joined by digital health companies from across ENLIGHT regions: Azalea Vision, moonbird (invited by Ghent University), Geneto OÜ (invited by Tartu University), Stardots AB, Datatera AB, Tada Group (invited by Uppsala University), Alliance Innovation Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Myotact and Nurea (invited by University of Bordeaux) and Legit.Health (invited by the University of the Basque Country).

The event incorporated an AIMday (Academic Industry Meeting Day) which originated in Uppsala University where specific challenges raised by external organisations are discussed by multi-disciplinary researchers who can provide different perspectives and explore new avenues to solving the challenge. It is an exchange of knowledge and ideas focussed on finding novel approaches to real-world challenges and exploring ways to continue cooperation between external organisations and ENLIGHT universities.

In addition to AIMday, the European Dialogue hosted keynotes on trends in Digital Health, including one from Dr Andrzej Rys, Director for Health Systems, Medical Products and Innovation, DG Sante, European Commission.  The event also incorporated thematic workshops on key topics in digital health, linked to upcoming and current Horizon funding calls. Delegates broke into smaller groups according to their area of interest and provided essential community feedback as we begin our discussions on the European Thematic Networks (ETNs) proposed for the next phase of ENLIGHT. 

Many ENLIGHT partners have seed funding for projects that were discussed at the European Dialogue, contact your institutional coordinator for more information. 

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ENLIGHT Lecture on “Digital Revolution & Society"

Join our online lecture on "Digital Revolution & Society" on July 12th at 3 pm CET!

ENLIGHT RISE presents its Research & Innovation Observatory!

The ENLIGHT alliance has created its Research & Innovation Observatory, a comprehensive platform of information presenting the research and innovation capacities of, and synergies between the ENLIGHT universities. The ENLIGHT R&I Observatory also collates the outputs from the alliance development related to Research & Innovation.

Workshop for PhD Students on China and its Neighbours in an Increasingly Turbulent World

More Than a Distant Relative: China and its Neighbours in an Increasingly Turbulent World

Public Engagement Workshops


Meet Prif UK Sustainability, 1st green student organisation at Comenius

Prif UK Sustainability would love to make Comenius University more green, students more satisfied and happier and they would like to support sustainable choices. Students from Prif UK Sustainability would like to do many activities, for example excursions, lectures and discussions with interesting people, breakfast for students and many more.

ENLIGHT Lecture on “Smart Systems & Robotics"

Our second lecture of this semester, "Smart Systems & Robotics", will be livestreamed online on June 14th at 3 pm CET.