ENLIGHT seminar 'International education: impact of COVID19 pandemic' (27 May 2020)

A dedicated Coronavirus/Covid-19 news section collects relevant news, calls and international updates from the ENLIGHT partner universities in response to the coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic.


On 27 May 2020 ENLIGHT organizes an online seminar for experts and coordinators in international education and mobility of the nine partner universities to exchange and discuss their strategies and practices of dealing with the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.

The recent developments have a huge effect on international networks like ours. Whereas our aim is to jointly develop and improve flexible international learning across our network and beyond, all of sudden our institutions have been forced to movetheir teaching activities and student services online within weeks. Physical student mobility, internships and collaborative projects had to be reorganized or postponed. Those rapid shifts in higher education come with technical, but also psycho-social complexities that will affect student-life and our teaching and research activities everywhere.

During the ENGLIHT webinar we want to assess these challenges and the possible long-term effect it will have on our network. It also provides an opportunity to share experiences among colleagues and to discuss how we can adjust our joint activities in the months ahead.

In many ways the global pandemic is a first real-life challenge that our network faces, and it proves that intense international cooperation is necessary to tackle global challenges in a sustainable way and to think forward.


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