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About ENLIGHT. A student perspective by Tjitske Schokker at RUG formal opening academic year 2021-2022’

On Monday 6 September the University of Groningen held its official Opening of the Academic Year 2021-2022. The theme of this year's opening was 'Welcome back!' to mark the return to campus of the students and staff after a period dominated by online education due to the global pandemic

As one of the main speakers during the formal opening student representative Tjitske Schokker highlighted the importance of ENLIGHT for 'the new normal of higher education' and for making education more equitable, sustainable and accessible.

Tjitske is a very active student, who has been student assessor to the Executive Board and is currently working as a student assistant at the Strategy Department of Education & Researc. She completed the Bachelor’s programme in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at University College Groningen, and she is now pursuing a Master's degree in International Political Economy at the UG’s Faculty of Arts. After spending an exchange semester at the University of Oslo, Tjitske joined the board of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Groningen. The insights she gained from working in a European network in combination with her own experiences as a student inspired her to become actively involved in the ENLIGHT student network.

View Tjitske Schokker’s full speech below.

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