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NUI Galway to follow University of the Basque Country as ENLIGHT chair

ENLIGHT will transform its team members to a similar extent as the target recipients of its learning actions, says rector Ferreira.

The opening address of rector Ferreira (University of the Basque Country) at the June 2021 ENLIGHT mid-year meeting highlighted and saluted the intense work carried out in the previous months.

Beyond generating numerous educational outcomes, ENLIGHT has given life to a community of practice that will benefit from the far-reaching transformation sought after for the participants of these learning experiences, she asserted: The diversity awareness, intercultural competence and global commitment enhancement will also reach all of us setting these learning experiences on track.

Ferreira hoped to personally host the ENLIGHT community in the Basque Country in a successive opportunity while handing over the presidency of the Alliance to NUI Galway.

NUI Galway will act as the chair of ENLIGHT from the 2021 mid-year meeting (17-19 June). NUIG Music and drama students produced a video in which the opportunity to meet physically is enterpreted in the theme of emerging from the pandemic. The poem ‘Seed’ by Irish poet Paula Meehan embodies the hope for brighter days ahead, that we as an ENLIGHT community can all meet together soon.

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