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ENLIGHT-RISE Workshop on Digital Research Infrastructures, 7 June 2022 - Agenda

Date: Tuesday, 7 June 2022
Venue: online via Zoom
Time: 9-12 o’clock CET

Registration deadline: Friday, 3 June 2022
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Research increasingly depends on advanced and interconnected digital research infrastructures (DRIs) - to collect and store, process and share data. ENLIGHT partners engage in various ways in stepping up their capacities in this area: through own infrastructures, staffing and integration into national, European and global networks.

One big ship on the horizon is the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), an endeavour that mobilizes developments and commitments through European projects and alliances as well as institutional, national and regional contributions.

In this workshop we will introduce the concept of EOSC, give an overview of what is and what will be available, and explore a range of approaches put into practice at ENLIGHT partner universities and their steps towards integration and alignment (disciplinary, generic services, EOSC, etc.).

Aim of the workshop: Introduction to EOSC and digital research infrastructures. Takeaways will be a deeper understanding of how users can engage with EOSC

Who is this workshop for? The workshop targets ENLIGHT RISE institutional research infrastructure managers, librarians and researchers who are engaged in setting up infrastructure services within their institutions and through collaborations or would like to get an overview of current developments

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  • What does the EOSC currently offer to researchers and research infrastructure providers?
  • What is the current state and are the next steps of developing federated infrastructures in the EOSC, and how can institutions engage?
  • What are concrete steps institutions can take now towards integrating (some of) their DRIs into the EOSC? Important steps to be “EOSC-ready”?
  • In the context of disciplinary and generic DRIs: What has been achieved and what are current hurdles to use and/or contribute services by/to the EOSC?

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9.00-9.15 Welcome & introduction - Birgit Schmidt, University of Göttingen; Margaretha Andersson, University of Uppsala

9.15-11.15 Digital research infrastructures and the EOSC

  • Opportunities to engage with the EOSC - Sarah Jones, GÉANT, EOSC-AISBL Board of Directors Member
  • Inroads to the EOSC from the SSH perspective - Sally Chambers, University of Gent, DARIAH, SSHOC

10.15-10.30 Break

  • Inroads to the EOSC from the Life Sciences perspective - Björn Nystedt, Uppsala University, ELIXIR Sweden
  • A perspective on national research infrastructures and their links to the EOSC - Regine Stein, University of Göttingen
  • Inroads to the EOSC through OpenAIRE - Inge van Nieuwerburgh, University of Gent

11.20-12.00 Panel discussion with speakers,

What are the main benefits of the EOSC from the user and/or the provider perspective?

What type of skills and training are needed to use the EOSC?

What is the next big challenge for the EOSC from your perspective?

What would be the most practical thing EOSC could deliver to you from your perspective e.g searching across datasets

12.00 Closing


Please find the report on the workshop here.


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