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ENLIGHT Lecture Series 'Innovation in Cultural Narratives' on May 8th, 3pm CET

Explore the captivating realm of "Innovation in Cultural Narratives" in our upcoming lecture. Delve into the dynamic evolution of storytelling across cultures and centuries, uncovering how innovation breathes new life into age-old tales. From ancient myths to modern media, discover how innovative approaches reshape narratives, challenging conventions and sparking fresh perspectives. Join us as we navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation, tracing the threads of storytelling that bind humanity together. Whether you're a literature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the power of narratives, this lecture promises to ignite your imagination and broaden your understanding of cultural heritage.

In the upcoming lecture, three experts from ENLIGHT universities will share their insights from current research:

All members from the ENLIGHT community, external partners and wider public are welcome to join the lecture. You can register and participate in a Zoom Session or tune in on the ENLIGHT Youtube Channel where the lecture will be broadcasted live. Registration for the Zoom Session is possible on the website of the University of Göttingen (

Networking event after the lecture for researchers from ENLIGHT universities

Each lecture is followed by a networking event for the scientific community. In the brand-new virtual space, the researchers from ENLIGHT universities can not only continue the discussion on the lecture`s topic but also use the opportunity to identify common research interests. This event serves as a platform for developing new ideas for future cooperation within the network. The ENLIGHT team supports this process by providing insights on funding opportunities. Researchers from all stages are more than welcome to join in! Please register here.

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