Summer School 'Health & Migration' in Ghent

05.07.2020, - 16.07.2020,

During the summer of 2020 the Ghent University Medical Students Association organizes two international summer courses covering the topics of 'Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights' and 'Health & Migration'.

Both student-driven programmes are organized in close cooperation with dean Piet Hoebeke M.D., Ph.D. (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) and Olivier Degomme M.D., Ph.D. (scientific director of the International Centre for Reproductive Health).

Both programmes are open for students, post-graduates and PhD students from different nationalities and from different disciplinary backgrounds: Medicine and Health Sciences, Psychology, Law, Political and Social Sciences, and Linguistics and Philosophy.

The aim of the summer schools is to broaden the participants’ horizons through lectures and workshops by renowned Belgian and international experts in their fields. Both aim to raise awareness concerning global issues such as family planning, female rights and sexual education as well as to stimulate international research concerning infectious diseases and migrants’ health related issues. Participants will be given the opportunity to cooperate with students from different cultures and nationalities, and discuss opinions concerning ethical issues and legal frameworks.

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