ENLIGHT joint courses

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills

University education aims to introduce critical thinking by dissecting complex ideas and questioning assumptions. In a collaborative project involving the Comenius University Bratislava, University of Göttingen, and Université de Bordeaux,  students will virtually and then in-person analyse global topics like sustainability and innovation. Embracing a challenge-based education approach, this course goes beyond traditional methods, fostering a hands-on approach to problem-solving and encouraging participants to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. The course focuses on developing critical thinking skills and fostering effective online and in-person communication through a Ted-Talk style presentation.

About the course


The fundamental goal of a university education is to engage in a critical analysis of information for knowledge generation. Across various fields of study, students encounter the daily task of breaking down complex ideas to grasp fundamental principles and solve problems. Acquiring the skill of critical thinking is crucial for this purpose, allowing us to question assumptions, identify knowledge gaps, and explore multiple perspectives beyond conventional boundaries. International collaborations serve as a potent tool to enhance critical thinking by broadening perspectives and worldviews, challenging preconceptions, and biases.
In a collaborative effort between the Institute of Medical Terminology and Foreign Language (IMTFL), at the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University Bratislava, the Université de Bordeaux, and University of Göttingen, this intensive project-based course aims to unite students from the partner universities – initially virtually and later in-person.

The objective is to analyse a current global topic of their choosing, such as sustainability, activism, innovation, urban planning, and equality.

The primary goals of the course encompass the development of essential critical thinking skills and the attainment of seamless communication both online and in person. As part of this collaborative international project, participants will work collaboratively to prepare, develop, and deliver a Ted-Talk style speech on their selected topic. The course will culminate in valuable discussions on the chosen subjects and profound reflection on effective intercultural communication.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased consciousness of a comprehensive set of tools for effective speaking and presentations, facilitating participants in evaluating their existing abilities and identifying areas for improvement to achieve their goals.
  • Enhanced transferable skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and team building.
  • Improved capacity to strategically plan, engage in, and derive learning from involvement in international symposiums. This platform enables course participants to contemplate ways to enhance their overall rhetorical and presentation impact before deciding to escalate their involvement.
  • Elevated proficiency in both online and in-person interactions, along with enhanced mediation skills.


  • Phase 1: International online collaboration on the topic of your choice
  • Phase 2: Symposium on the selected topics at IMTFL, Comenius University Bratislava (on site event)
  • Phase 3: Debriefing and exchange of intercultural aspects


Oral presentation of the selected topic & discussion about symposium outcomes.


Tomáš Hamar (IMTFL), Comenius University Bratislava;

Stanislav Kováč (IMTFL), Comenius University Bratislava;

Johann Fischer, (ZESS), University of Göttingen;

Laura Syms (ZESS), University of Göttingen;

Smita Raman-Gyetvai (ZESS), University of Göttingen;

Alexandra Reynolds, Université de Bordeaux;

Joanne Plaskett, Université de Bordeaux



    Practical Details

    Courses – Focus area: Equity
    Study Field: All fields
    Type: intensive programme
    Format: Blended
    Host: Comenius University Bratislava
    Course dates: Online: 21 Oct - 22 Nov, 2 - 6 Dec 2024 (onsite: 25 - 30 Nov 2024)
    Apply by: 15 April 2024
    ECTS: 3
    Number of places available: 10 from the organizing universities (CU, UGOE, UBx). Students from other partners are invited to apply, max 2 students per university (total 10p)
    Level: Bachelor, Master