Community Challenges

Adaptive and agile public servant

In the city of Bratislava we believe that public servants could become a fuel for change in the cities. They need to be well educated in topics such as digitalisation, power of those tools in everyday life, climate change and its impact on the cities and circular economy as a new way of consuming goods.

However, the knowledge is not only limited to the future public servants, but all economically active people. This knowledge will lead to evidence-based decision making with the effective use of funds and cooperation for improved and equal conditions for all.

In the area of digitalisation it is important to understand:

  • Design thinking principles – understanding the core of the problem we are trying to solve.
  • The agile way of work – test and prototype, before you invest in technology or a solution.
  • Different tools and latest standards in technology development
  • Ways of cooperation and collaboration with the key stakeholders, including businesses, academic sector and residents
  • How to connect technologies with urban planning and design
  • How to support economic development and liveability

Climate change:

  • Understanding international agreements such as the SDGs
  • Knowing basic facts, understanding threads and mitigation strategies

Energy efficiency:

  • Basic understanding of the energy mix, the challenges we are facing and possible mitigation strategies

These topics are complex, however the basic knowledge is easily learned and practiced which could lead to a more sophisticated workforce overall.

    Practical Details

    Hosting organization: The city of Bratislava
    Community: Bratislava
    Focus Area: Digitalisation, Climate Change, Energy transition & Circular Economy
    Type of activity: Challenge based education, Thesis/Graduation Project, Research projects
    Tags: Digitalisation, Climate Change, Energy