Basics of first aid

The lifeline of emergency first responses

Course Summary

The Centre for Medical Education at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University (JFMEDCU), has developed an effective and structured first aid course for 1st-year medical students. This course equips students with vital skills such as the "ABC - airway breathing circulation" approach for critically ill patients and using automatic external defibrillators. Through simulation training and hands-on experiences, students learn the essentials of first aid, understand the importance of their chosen profession and the value of human life. Building capability to save lives from day one serves as positive reinforcement, motivating students for their future studies.

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The course “Basics of First Aid” at JFMEDCU employs engaging and motivating educational methods, primarily simulation-based learning, and hands-on experience. As the students are in their first year, the course starts with simple clinical scenarios and offers further explanations during the debriefing stage. Peer teaching is also integrated into the course, with older students supporting first aid training through the Martin Club of Medical Students. The course is conducted at the Centre for Support of Medical Education, equipped with full-body manikins, CPR torsos providing immediate feedback, and other essential equipment. The centre connects with students on Facebook, offering accessibility at any time.

The subject of “Basics of First Aid” delves into the critical need for life-saving techniques. Students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to analyse and apply their learning in real-life first aid situations. The primary goal of the course is to establish a strong foundation for further advancements in resuscitation procedures, promoting the restoration of vital functions.

Students are evaluated through a practical CPR exam utilizing a high-fidelity simulator and computer software, along with a brief oral theory examination. 

After successfully finishing this course, students comprehend the fundamental principles of first aid for traumatic and non-traumatic conditions. They are proficient in evaluating the patient's vital functions, applying the ABCDE approach during emergencies, and providing immediate CPR to an unconscious and non-breathing individual, following the latest guidelines.

In the following video, you can watch designers of the course explain their motivations, processes and experiences of implementing the course:


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