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AI and healthcare Winter School (AIproHealth, Groningen/Tartu): apply now!

Explore the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. Create solutions that drive the next generation of healthcare innovation in this practical, hands-on programme. Through lectures and practical exercises, you will learn about the technical, regulatory and business aspects of AI in healthcare. With the skills you'll acquire in this programme, you'll be ready to establish a sustainable start-up or join one as the technical/medical expert - and make your mark in the dynamic world of AI and healthcare. You can attend in either Estonia or the Netherlands, and collaborate with healthcare entrepreneurs and experts from across Europe.

The programme consists of preparatory self-paced learning, a face-to-face week, and a remote hackathon. The self-paced learning consists of following 2 MOOCs and introduction to Python. During the face-to-face week you will attend lectures from experts, discuss in break-out sessions, work in a team, play a serious game, and enjoy a vibrant social programme. In the remote hackathon you will continue working on your team project with the end goal of delivering a minimal viable product that can run in a test environment and be implemented in current clinical practice.

Registration is now open for both Tartu (deadline 15 Oct) and Groningen (deadline 29 Oct). For more information and registration deadlines, see

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