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ENLIGHT-students welcoming more students to join the Student Network!

From meeting for the first time late last year to successfully finishing ENLIGHT’s midyear-meeting with students represented on all levels, let us show you what we have achieved!

Without any policies or structures in place, we managed to elect our Student Board in January. We arranged a Pub Quiz during the kick-off in March, and students from across the whole ENLIGHT alliance attended (as well as some staff!). We have created social media accounts and are present on all platforms - a place where we hope to connect with more students. We have done take-overs of other institution accounts and spread the word about the project.

As with all things, it has not always been plain sailing - but stability in the student voice throughout ENLIGHT needs to be created together. This semester has really been characterized by finding our place in work packages and different groups, allowing us to share the experiences of students from around Europe and to shape ENLIGHT into a project they would like to be a part of. However, internally, we realized that to enable efficient cooperation now, and in the future, that we needed to form and agree on a steady organization for the Student Network.

A group of SN representatives assembled a working group and created a solid process and documents needed - which we hope creates a sense of stability for students who come after us. Now is the time that we need you, students of our 9 partner Universities - we want to hear your ideas, your opinions and your voice! Run for Student Network coordinator in your University or talk to the coordinator already there. There is a place for every student in ENLIGHT and we are here to guide you to it!

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