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ENLIGHT Student Network Community event in Ghent: "Strenghtening Student Life Across Europe"

Date: March 1st - 2nd, with an optional program on March 3rd
Location: Ghent, Belgium 🇧🇪 (Hosted by Ghent University)
Theme: Making Connections: Strengthening Student Life

Student leaders and student representatives are getting ready for an enriching experience at the upcoming ENLIGHT Student Conference, where they will dive into discussions surrounding education, student interests, and global cooperation within the ENLIGHT Student Network. With representatives from esteemed universities across Europe, including Bern, Ghent, Galway, Göttingen, Groningen, the Basque Country, Tartu, Bratislava, and Uppsala, expect a diverse and vibrant exchange of ideas.

Day 1: Why ENLIGHT?

  • Engage in meaningful discussions on the European alliance, exploring its significance and impact on higher education.
  • Share insights and perspectives on the benefits and challenges within your own university community.
  • Discover your role within the ENLIGHT alliance and how you can contribute to its mission of fostering collaboration and excellence in education.

Day 2: How ENLIGHT?

  • Participate in thematic sessions focusing on crucial topics such as mental health, education quality, and student life.
  • Exchange experiences and best practices, learning from one another's approaches and strategies.
  • Collaborate with fellow delegates to address common challenges and identify opportunities for cooperation and innovation.

Students are joining in Ghent for a transformative experience that promises to deepen connections, inspire action, and propel student life forward across Europe!

More info on the ENLIGHT Student Network:

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