Community Challenges

Urban experimental forest - Forêt Experimentale

This multidisciplinary experimental forest project, which is located on university ground which was formerly the Floirac Observatory. The project aims to monitor the responses of urban forests to climate change, as well as their impact on environmental health and well-being in the city, ecophysiology with prospects for land use planning. The research lead for this experimental forest project is Sylvain Delzon (Lab- UMR Bioegeco).

Objectives of the experimental forest

in situ monitoring of the experimental forest

analysis of biodiversity and ecosystem services

development in connection with the PPE pole of infrastructures for the forest

development for teaching and reception of schoolchildren and showcase and citizen science projects.

Partners: the local Regional academy group - Agir Ensemble – has engaged with the potential of this urban forest living-lab. A first working session planned at the end of May was unfortunately postponed to August due to extreme weather conditions. However partners have already proposed and are discussing projects based on the potential of this forest in the city." style="box-sizing: border-box; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(4, 165, 211); text-decoration: none; transition: all 0.2s ease 0s;">The emerging projects can be consulted here.

ENLIGHT the challenges that emerge include management of urban heat islands – monitoring (captors and sensors for this purpose), development of cool islands, impact study of micro forests.


    Practical Details

    Hosting organization: Bordeaux Métropole, Ville de Bordeaux, Gradignan and Talence
    Community: Bordeaux
    Focus Area: Health, Digitalisation, Climate Change, Equity
    Type of activity: Thesis/Graduation Project
    Tags: Digitalisation, Health, Climate Change, Equity