News & Events

UG Education Festival 2022 - Making Connections for Quality Education

The UG Education Festival will take place from 4 to 8 April 2022. We invite all ENLIGHT partners to join us in a full week of mostly online lectures, panel discussions, workshops and videos.

Tartu International Conference "Privacy, Data Protection and New Technologies (June 16-17 2022)

Tartu University School of Law welcomes everyone to an international conference on the topic of "Privacy, Data Protection and New Technologies" in Tallinn on June 16-17 2022!

 The conference will examine whether and how today's European Union concept of personal data protection is compatible with the development of new technologies (eg blockhain, artificial intelligence or maintenance robots) and how to ensure the protection of personal data as a fundamental right in an increasingly automated world.

All nine ENLIGHT cities applied – "EU Mission Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities"

On 25 November 2021, the Commission launched a Call for Expression of Interest addressed to cities to join the European Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.

377 cities from all over Europe have expressed their interests. With Bratislava, Bordeaux, Galway, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Ghent, Göttingen, Groningen, Tartu, and Uppsala all nine ENLIGHT cities have applied, which shows the strong commitment of ENLIGHT and their partners to tackle climate change.

Workshop “Göttingen Intercultural Connections”

Are you planning to come to Göttingen University in Germany?, or would you like to network with students from Göttingen University? Then the virtual exchange “Göttingen Intercultural Connections” is just right for you!

A new public online lecture series at University of Tartu

A new public online lecture series “Mobility analysis and planning for human-scale cities” arranged by the Mobility Lab, Department of Geography has started.

6th Session ENLIGHT webinar series: discussing diversity, inclusion and racism (14 April)

This webinar series provides an interactive platform to discuss and exchange best practices and develop initiatives that foster diversity and encourage global citizenship.The sessions are open to staff and students of all ENLIGHT partners as well as their respective local communities. 

The 6th session of the webinar series focuses on 'Diversity and Discrimation: From Recognition to Consideration'  The session is hosted by the University of Bordeaux and will take place on 14 April (16h00-18h00 CET). Register for the zoom session!

Support activities for Ukrainian students and academics at ENLIGHT universities

All ENLIGHT universities have set up specific actions to support academics and students affected by the war in Ukraine. This page lists the most important actions per partner. 

Enlight/U4 Ancient World Winter School 2022

The University of Tartu organizes the Enlight/U4 Ancient World Winter School 2022 in collaboration with the universities of Göttingen, Groningen, Ghent and Uppsala. 

Joint statement from the 41 alliances in support to Ukraine

We, the 41 Alliances of European Universities, representing about 300 European Higher Education institutions, stand together and send our strongest solidarity to the Ukrainian people after the Russian Government’s attack. We also strongly condemn the bombardment of Kharkiv National University. Our Alliances have been built on a shared vision of a welcoming and peaceful Europe: we urge all stakeholders to restore peace, democracy and respect of human rights in Ukraine.

Many of our Alliances have partners located in the Ukraine region: they have started to host Ukrainian refugees, including members of the Ukrainian academic community. In solidarity, other Alliances’ partners are setting up mechanisms to support them (fundraising, supply of basic goods, scholarships, etc.).

True to the European values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and human rights, our Alliances will remain inclusive to all students and academics and will continue to provide support to all who are affected by this tragic situation.

Selected Topics in the Theories of Gravity Lecture course at University of Tartu, spring 2022

The advanced lecture course "Selected topics in the theories of gravity" is given once in several years, with the focus changing each time according to the interests of the staff and students. While last year the course focused on treating astrophysical objects like black holes and stars in different extensions of general relativity, this year the emphasis is more on understanding the logic behind constructing a theory and checking its characteristics like the number of degrees of freedom and presence or absence of various instabilities. The specialized aspect of the course is to introduce non-Riemannian geometry and some important theories based on it. We will discuss how they differ from their GR counterparts, thus touching a cutting edge of research. In the end of June there will be MaffGrav2022 workshop in Tartu, and the topics of the course are envisioned to help to prepare for and benefit from the workshop.

Former Rector of the University of Groningen nominated for the Council at the University of Tartu

Elmer Sterken, Professor of Monetary Economics and former Rector of the University of Groningen has been nominated as member of the Council of the University of Tartu for five years.

Erasmus + agreement was signed between the 9 universities of the ENLIGHT network

The multilateral Erasmus+ agreement will enable ENLIGHT students from all disciplines to go on student mobility to any of the ENLIGHT universities. The agreement allows both traditional semester-long mobility and as well as short-term mobility within the framework of blended intensive programmes (BIP). This short-term mobility within BIPs will very soon be used by students participating in the Global Engagement Module (GEM), and the courses of Climate-neutral city and Artificial Intelligence for non-IT students, all taking place in the spring semester 2022.