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AIProHealth online course 'How AI can support Healthcare' (launch 29 Nov. 2021)

Together with the University of Tartu, and the universities of Copenhagen and Cologne, the University of Groningen/UMCG has developed an online course in the framework of the EIT Health Project 'AIProHealth - Practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare professionals'. The course 'How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Healthcare' will be launched on the online platform 'FutureLearn' on 29 Novermber 2021.

Are you working in healthcare and would you like to learn more about the use of artificialintelligence (AI) and how it can be used to improve patient care? On November 29, the brand new free, online course 'How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Healthcare' will belaunched on FutureLearn.

While AI undoubtedly creates many opportunities to improve healthcare delivery, it also posesrisks and challenges. AIProHealth's online course contains theoretical and practical informationabout AI, including the potential and limitations of AI in healthcare. Using real-world examples,this course will help you discover the risks, so you can make an informed decision about using AIin your day-to-day work. At each step of the course it is possible to meet other participants,share ideas and participate in active discussions.

This course is part of the educational EIT Healthproject 'AIProHealth - Practical Artificial Intelligence(AI) for healthcare professionals', led by theData Science Center in Health (DASH) of theUMCG,which aims to contribute to the implementation of AI in the near future in care. Several EITHealth-specific partners work together in this online learning environment, including the University Medical Center Cologne, Tartu University, Copenhagen University and University of Groningen. In addition, several companies are closely involved in the project, such as 8DGames, ArtiQ, OneVision Healthcare and Mediaire.

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