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Joint Classrooms and Summer Schools in the field of teacher Education

There are many reasons for our future high school teachers to be internationally experienced: International studies on education (such as PISA), Migration (of pupils and teachers) as well as major problems of the 21st century which can only be understood and solved on a global level, make it necessary for future teachers to look further than their classroom.

Within the framework of the DAAD-funded Project BEST Exchange (Brazilian, Belgian, Estonian, Swedish Teacher Exchange) we want to establish a variety of joint classroom in different fields (natural sciences, languages and more...) among the student teachers in Göttingen, Gent, Tartu and Uppsala, as well as Ivoti, our partner in Brazil. If you are an educator or administrative staff in the field of teacher education at one of the partner universities and interested in having a joint classroom with us, please get in touch! Further, we are always looking for lecturers, who would like to come to Göttingen for our annual summer school (summer 2022-2024). Here we accept applications from staff of all the ENLIGHT universities. We look forward to hearing from you!


    Practical Details

    Disciplinary field: Teacher Education
    Funding programme: ZEWILs DAAD Project BEST Exchange:
    Deadline: Monday, 01 July 2024
    Institution: University of Göttingen
    Faculty/Department: Central Institution for Teacher Education and Research (ZEWIL)
    First and last name: Franziska Brinkmann and Fabian Krengel
    Position: BEST Exchange Coordinators

    Tags: Teacher Education , Summer schools