Funding lines available to UG staff for ENLIGHT initiatives


ENLIGHT is making gradual and steady progress towards becoming a European University Network. Part of the process is that we want to involve more of our students and staff.

The ENLIGHT Erasmus+ project and the ENLIGHT RISE project have laid a foundation for common structures and initiatives. However, not all valuable initiatives and activities can be supported by the EU funding, making it difficult for the wider community at the University of Groningen to get involved. Therefore the Executive  Board of the University of Groningen created a seed funding budget to support activities that contribute to strengthening academic collaborations and adjacent support services with ENLIGHT partners.

These three funding lines are available:

  1. Funding for Educational innovation and activities, closely related to the ENLIGHT Erasmus+ project;
  2. Funding for Research activities, closely related to the ENLIGHT H2020 RISE project;
  3. ENLIGHT Xtra: cooperation activities to strengthen the ENLIGHT consortium,  aiming at building and sustaining research and management contacts and anticipating future joint projects (successor of U4Society funding line).

Projects and activities in the ENLIGHT consortium that are in line with UG strategic activities like the Schools, University of the North and the TAG will be prioritised.

The outlines of these funding opportunities, including the respective conditions and application forms are available on > What can ENLIGHT do for me?

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