Imagine you were a student in any one of the nine ENLIGHT universities and could automatically gain lifelong access to the best courses and teachers across these institutions and across disciplines. In each of these nine universities, you would be guided through a wide range of opportunities in our digitally interconnected campus. Together with ENLIGHT top-academics and regional actors, you would be involved in solving some of the most complex societal issues facing Europe and the World today (such as climate change, social inequalities, threats to health and well-being, renewable energy supply, and the digital revolution) and empowered to become an engaged global citizen. You would be supported by a variety of mobility schemes to move between countries, and you could to take part in sessions transferred around the globe in real-time. During your studies, you would work closely with international peers, acquiring first-hand experience of developments in the broader research world, guided by leading scientists and experts from across Europe. You would be supported to engage into impactful, innovative mission-oriented research and to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Soon after you started you would obtain a first micro-degree, and later on, a joint ENLIGHT degree highly valued by international employers that would make you proud to be an ENLIGHT alumnus and would stimulate you to come back for further learning experiences throughout your life.

TO FULFILLL THIS VISION ENLIGHT aims to undertake a fundamental transformation of European higher education:

  • We will establish the foundations of an integrated European University System, in which all barriers to learning, performing research and cooperating are removed
  • We willl establish a competence framework embracing new research-driven, challenge-based, and interdisciplinary learning approaches to empower our learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and innovation potential to become globally engaged European citizens.
  • We will work closely with our surrounding cities and communities to transform the way in which we address global challenges by developing new methodologies for learning and research, which are adapted to the complex sustainability issues that cities and communities are facing today.

Today’s societies face major ecological, social and economic challenges that demand immediate, yet sustainable solutions to ensure globally equitable well-being. ENLIGHT will conduct the educational transformation to empower learners across Europe with knowledge, skills, and innovation potential to become globally engaged citizens, able to address societal challenges and promote quality of life and sustainability in our future cities and communities and beyond.

TO EMBARK ON OUR MISSION and create replicable solutions we are focused on five flagship areas which are key determinants of societal well-being and sustainability:

  1. Health and well-being
  2. Digital revolution and Impact of digitalisation
  3. Climate change
  4. Energy and Circular economy
  5. Equity

DOWNLOAD our full ENLIGHT mission statement [.pdf]